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  • I got the Mavella veggie boost and brain boost. I disguised the veggie boost in homemade chicken nuggets, meatballs and even tomato sauce for my extremely fussy 2 1/2 year old. She loved them! It's a good feeling knowing my daughter is getting a serve of veggies. Surprisingly the Veggie Boost smells really yummy too! I give her the brain boost mixed with milk and she loves it. Super easy, no nasties and Australian ingredients what more could you want!

    Renee Mcconvill

  • I'm so impressed with the Mavella range. Every one of their products blends so well (and undetected) into our savoury and sweet baking/cooking, smoothies, scrambled eggs and even tomato sauce! I know I'm doing everything I can while navigating through both the pre-schooler picky eating stage and supplementing the toddler phase. Mavella provide free, fast postage and personable service - I can't thank them enough for their wonderful range of products. I've told all my mummy friends. Keep up the great work.

    Rachel Daamen