Collection: Kombucha Superfood Powder Range

The fizz you find in a bottle of kombucha is a biproduct of the fermentation of the tea, which is where a standard kombucha creates their probiotics.  Our kombucha has been fermented in the same way, then dried into a powder form, which removes the carbon dioxide (the fizzy gas).  We then add in our microencapsulated probiotics to ensure you are getting quality probiotics at a high and a guaranteed level.  Microencapsulation means they are protected for a period of time to allow them to travel through our bodies, pass the stomach acid and to the gut. Making it to where it matters, to do their job.

Our Kombucha is acid and bile tolerance tested probiotics – to make sure they can survive the harsh environment of your stomach ensures evidence they work.

Our probiotics are measured to ensure you are getting a good amount in each serve 2 Billion CFU probiotics, we can guarantee the amount of probiotics where other brands are unable to do this.

We have also added Apple cider vinegar containing “the mother” which supports digestive function in the range.