About Us

After speaking with friends and family,  we all agreed that feeding children a generation or so ago was simpler than it is today. Mothers had more time and prepared wholesome foods from scratch for their children. Today's children, more often than not, have two working parents and seem to be fussier eaters. We are often time poor and we live in a world saturated with highly processed foods which often are stripped of good nutrition and high in sugars. We wanted to not only encourage better and healthier eating habits in our children but to add a little extra nutrition along the way.

 This is when we decided to create our own range of products specifically for kids. Our brand name is inspired from our own kids (Maverick and Ella), hence the creation of Mavella. 

The only choice is to be nutritionally innovative, combining the highest phytonutrient dense ingredients that also synergistically work together with tasty flavour combinations. Our superfood smoothies boosters will provide fussy eaters with body loving enjoyable nutrition so parents won’t need to plead, nag or bribe.

It is our passion to create higher nutrient superfood formulas enhanced with a high nutrient intake with wide range of essential vitamins and minerals to help supplement their diets typically saturated in processed foods and missing that extra nutrition.

We only want make products that we would feed our own personal kids and our goal is to be loved by kids and trusted by parents.

After looking after kids, we decided to expand our range and create a range suitable for the everyone.

This is when our Superfood Kombucha range was added. From our experience with superfood smoothie range we learnt the importance of not only having the highest nutrition but a product that tastes amazing too. 

Mavella Superfoods is on a Nutrition Mission for all generations!