Why is it in a powder?

The fizz you find in a bottle of kombucha is a biproduct of the fermentation of the tea, which is where a standard kombucha creates their probiotics.

Our kombucha has been fermented in the same way, then dried into a powder form, which removes the carbon dioxide (the fizzy gas).  We then add in our microencapsulated probiotics to ensure you are getting quality probiotics at a high and a guaranteed level.

What is the difference between Live Culture and Micro encapsulated probiotic?

Microencapsulation means they are protected for a period of time to allow them to travel through our bodies, pass the stomach acid and  to the gut. Making it to where it matters, to do their job.

Many Kombucha's on the market don't reach the intended gut as they are broken down by the stomach acid and do not reach the gut.

How do you use it?

Mix 1 sachet  or tea spoon with 200ml water or sparkling water

What age is Kombucha suitable for?

All ages, however the energy has a natural caffeine See label for dosage requirements.

What does it taste like?

It tastes amazing. They are all native Australian flavours: Beauty -Rosella and Davidson Plum, Gut - Lemon Aspen and Lemon Myrtle, Energy - Kakadu Plum and Wild Lime

How many serves?

On average there is up to 25 serves per pack in the 100g pouch

What is inside the pouch?

A functional Kombucha powder with 2 Billion CFU probiotics per serve plus, Apple cider vinegar containing “the mother” – supports digestive function, Prebiotics (FOS and Inulin) and Superfoods. (See product for individual superfood ingredients)

How long does it last?

If you have every day, it lasts about 3 weeks. The shelf life of product is 18 months.

Which flavours are gluten free?


Is it vegan friendly?


How long does it take to receive my order?

Within Australian allow up to 10 working days and Internationally allow up to 3 weeks. 

What is the cost of the postage?

Flat fee $4.99 Australia with no tracking. If you require tracking it would be $8.00
Internationally is a flat fee of $25.00