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Awards and Accreditation


To address the Food Safety concerns and processing of Mavella Superfoods is manufactured under a registered manufacturing facility with  HACCP and ISO9001. It's also has ACO accreditation and Australian Quarantine ensuring that food safety is of our highest priority. We needed to be sure that our label text for parents had functional messages and could be understood but still stay within the legal requirements set by Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. Our product falls under the  following standards and has been checked by food legal consultants. Standard 1.2.7 – Nutrition, health and related claims as well as Standard 2.9.3.


Mavella Superfoods was awarded as the winner of the Health Food category at the Food and Beverage Industry Awards in 2016. The Food and Beverage Industry awards have been running for 12 years and celebrate the best of the best in innovation in product development and manufacturing.

Mavella was also a finalist at the Food & Beverage Industry Awards for the Label & Packaging Design 2016.

In 2018 Mavella won the Emerging Business Award in the monthly category at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards and then was a finalist at the national awards.