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Mavella Superfoods

Spinach Plus Prebiotic Fibre powder 50g

Spinach Plus Prebiotic Fibre powder 50g

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1 tsp powder = 1 1/2 cup Spinach Leaves

High In Fibre


The raw fruits and vegetables are dried at low ambient temperatures to preserve the natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients found in fruit and vegetables.

Our unique process also retains colour and flavour at nearly full potency for years. This processing gives our raw materials the most powerful and concentrated goodness per teaspoon on the market.

Spinach is full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Spinach has an extremely high nutritional value and is rich in antioxidants.  It is a good source of vitamins A, B2, C and K, and also contains magnesium, manganese, folate, iron, calcium and potassium. It is a very good source of dietary fibre, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, protein, and choline.

  • Colour: bright green
  • Mavella Spinach 1 tsp powder = 1 1/2 cup Spinach
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