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Mavella Superfoods

Australian Superfood Beetroot powder 100g

Australian Superfood Beetroot powder 100g

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1 tsp powder = 3/4 cup beetroot

Australian made


The raw fruits and vegetables are dried at low ambient temperatures to preserve the natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients found in fruit and vegetables.

Our unique process also retains colour and flavour at nearly full potency for years. This processing gives our raw materials the most powerful and concentrated goodness per teaspoon on the market.

Beetroot is one of the best vegetable sources of the mineral Manganese and Magnesium, both essential for brain and nervous system activity. Beetroots also contain minerals Sodium and Potassium, these work in collaboration, regulating body fluid levels.

  • Made from premium Australian Beetroot 
  • Colour: deep purple
  • Mavella Beetroot 1 tsp powder = 3/4 cup beetroot
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